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【The HomeLab 實現室】輸入優惠碼: THLTWY88 即享全店額外88折!!
【The HomeLab 實現室】輸入優惠碼: THLTWY88 即享全店額外88折!!

Jabra Evolve2 30 USB-A MS Stereo 會議專用耳機 移動辦公 WFH (#Basic)

by #Jabra#
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Jabra Evolve2 30 USB-A MS Stereo 會議專用耳機 移動辦公 WFH

  • 可通過USB隨插即用地連接電腦或移動設備
  • 符合 Microsoft Teams Open Office 要求
  • 雙麥克風技術,保證出色的通話性能
  • 隔噪設計即時隔噪,在吵雜環境中也能提高專注度
  • 28 mm揚聲器提供出色的音質,以獲得卓越的音訊體驗
  • 通話時集成忙碌指示燈會自動開啟 當“請勿打擾”信號
  • 通話管理 接聽/ 拒接來電;提高/ 降低揚聲器音量;靜音


Clear, collaborative calls.

When you’re working flexibly, you need to know you can be heard clearly wherever you are. Our advanced 2-microphone audio system captures your voice while simultaneously analyzing and reducing the noise around you, meeting Microsoft Open Office requirements. The perfect way to get your point across and ensure even the smallest nuance isn’t lost in translation.

Evolve2 30 makes every call count.