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【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!
【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!

Philips LED Strider Table Lamp

by Philips
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Original price $680.00 HKD
Current price $538.00 HKD



Philips Strider LED table lamps can create a bright learning environment for kids and help them improve their efficiency. Strider's back-illuminated design and miniature hexagonal lenses provide better lighting and reduce harmful glare.

Removable lamp holder

Detachable lamp holder The removable lamp cover can be installed from any side, which is convenient for left-handed and right-handed users.

Asymmetric optics

The creative asymmetric optical design uses a certain angle to block the reflections. It illuminates the area around you through indirect glare, providing an extensive range of comfortable lighting for your reading space.

Cellular optics

Light is scattered by many miniature honeycomb lenses to achieve uniform light output, reduce indirect glare, and bring comfortable light to your space.

4-level dimming with mode indicator

4-levels of brightness control settings, with mode-indicator for intuitive operation and better control of your lights.


Product size and weight

Height: 41.3 cm
Length: 24.9 cm
Net weight: 1.621 kg
Width: 35.6 cm