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【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!
【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!

Pure Air 便攜式紫外光空氣淨化機

by Momax
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Color: White

高效過濾系統,同時釋放負離子。 配合方便攜帶把手設計,即時淨化您周圍的空氣。內置空氣質素傳感器,偵測PM2.5懸浮粒子。低噪音操作,令家居及辦公室更舒適、健康。

1. 內置UV-C消毒燈,高效殺滅99%空氣中細菌
2. 配備H13 HEPA及活性碳過濾網,吸附PM2.5懸浮粒子、塵蟎、VOCs、異味等
3. 釋放8百萬負離子,墜落空氣污染物
4. 適用面積10平方米 (約107平方尺)
5. LED顯示器,一目了然電量、風速、負離子狀態和空氣質量
6. 內置 10000mAh 電池,可享長達 15 小時清新潔淨空氣
7. 把手設計,輕鬆隨身攜帶

- 輸入: 5V⎓2A
- 功率: 0.9W/2.1W/3.7W ±0.5W
- 電池容量: 10000mAh
- CADR 空氣潔淨量: 30.7 m3/H
- 濾芯種類: H13 HEPA 及活性碳
- 濾芯壽命: 2160 hours
- UV-C 壽命: 10000 hours
- 負離子釋放量: 8百萬粒/ cm3
- 模式: 自動/ 手動 - 風速1-3
- 風速: 1.0m/s, 1.8m/s, 2.3m/s
- 噪音: <49.6dB
- 使用時間: 7-15小時 (視乎使用風速)
- 充電時間: 7小時

- 尺寸: 285 x 160 x 160mm
- 重量: 1.36kg ±0.3kg
- 顏色: 白色、紫色、綠色


High-efficiency filtration system releases negative ions at the same time. With a convenient carrying handle design, it instantly purifies the air around you. Built-in air quality sensor to detect PM2.5 suspended particles. Low noise operation makes the home and office more comfortable and healthy.

1. Built-in UV-C disinfection lamp, effectively kill 99% of bacteria in the air
2. Equipped with H13 HEPA and activated carbon filter to absorb PM2.5 suspended particles, dust mites, VOCs, odors, etc.
3. Release 8 million negative ions and drop air pollutants
4. Applicable area of ​​10 square meters (approximately 107 square feet)
5. LED display shows the power, wind speed, negative ion status and air quality at a glance
6. Built-in 10000mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of fresh and clean air
7. Handle design, easy to carry

-Input: 5V⎓2A
-Power: 0.9W/2.1W/3.7W ±0.5W
-Battery capacity: 10000mAh
-CADR air clean capacity: 30.7 m3/H
-Filter element type: H13 HEPA and activated carbon
-Filter element life: 2160 hours
-UV-C life: 10000 hours
-Negative ion release: 8 million grains/cm3
-Mode: Auto/Manual-Wind speed 1-3
-Wind speed: 1.0m/s, 1.8m/s, 2.3m/s
-Noise: <49.6dB
-Use time: 7-15 hours (depending on wind speed)
-Charging time: 7 hours

-Dimensions: 285 x 160 x 160mm
-Weight: 1.36kg ±0.3kg
-Color: white, purple, green