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【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!
【The HomeLab 實現室】Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex 商務折疊頭戴式主動降噪藍牙耳機新登場!!

Q.Power UV-C Boxx 無線充電 360紫外光深層消毒盒

by Momax
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Original price $398.00 HKD
Current price $275.00 HKD

360°全面消毒 細菌無處可逃
獲香港檢定中心STC測試, 有效殺滅細菌達99.9%(測試包括:金黃葡萄球菌/大腸桿菌)


安全設計: 開蓋自動中斷紫外光功能
USB-C 連接

- 尺寸/重量:227 x 123 x 58mm / 514g
- 內尺寸: 203 x 93 x 40mm
- 顏色:白x綠色

MOMAX HK 1年香港行貨保養

3 minutes of extremely fast operation

360° full disinfection, bacteria havenowhere to escape

Large capacity^, comes with a stand, canplace more objects for disinfection

The cover is equipped with 10W wirelesscharging

Simple and stylish design, essential foroffice/home ▫️

Obtained STC test by Hong Kong TestingCenter, effective at killing bacteria up to 99.9% (test includes:Staphylococcus aureus/E. coli)

Built-in 5 UV-C UV lamps plus mirrorrefraction


^The height of the inner box of the productis 40mm,

The height of the general sterilization boxis about 15mm


Safety design: open the cover automaticallyinterrupt the UV function

Clear function keys and indicator lights

USB-C connection

Comes with stainless steel bracket andmicrofiber cloth

After use, it can be disinfected with UVlight


-Size/weight: 227 x 123 x 58mm / 514g

-Internal dimensions: 203 x 93 x 40mm

-Color: white x green


MOMAX HK 1 year Hong Kong licensed warranty