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Jabra Meet Anywhere+(#Basic)

by #Jabra#
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PanaCast 4K 超廣角視訊會議鏡頭

  • 智慧型變焦技術
  • 即時協作全面相容
  • 360度全指向麥克風 通話清晰

Speak 750 MS

  • 在重要場合,您聽得見別人,別人聽得見您

  • 通過 Microsoft Teams 認證

  • 與幾乎所有主流統一通信平臺相容

  • 隨插即用實現即時協作

  • 全雙工

Jabra PanaCast is a plug-and-play video solution, designed to improve meetings in huddle rooms

Intelligent Zoom automatically recognizes how many meeting participants are in the room,

Vivid HDR automatically adjusts the lighting, ensuring the best picture every time, even in widely